DPP’s claims over Gulewamkulu referred to police


The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has told Malawi Police to investigate claims by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) that the party’s monitors were attacked by Gulewamkulu.

Speaking, at a press briefing today, MEC chairperson Chifundo Kachale said the commission looked into DPP’s complaint and decided to report the issue to police.

“The Commission has looked into the matters and found that they border on criminal conduct. Therefore, the complaint has been referred to the Malawi Police Service for further investigation,” said Kachale.

On Wednesday, the DPP reported to MEC allegations of violence perpetrated by MCP/UTM functionaries on DPP/UDF party representatives in Lilongwe.

According to the DPP, its monitors were hacked and assaulted at Mulinde Ward and the vehicles they were travelling in had been torched by MCP/UTM functionaries.

The party also claimed that its monitors were abducted at Mangochi Resthouse in Lilongwe to prevent them from performing their duties and that some monitors at Lilongwe Mapuyu North were assaulted by MCP/UTM functionaries without any justification.

Another allegation was that DPP monitors were chased and prevented from performing their duties by members of the Nyau and gulewamkulu cult.