Video director impressed with quality of music videos in Malawi


A video director in the country says Malawi is making strides in music video shooting, editing and quality.

In an interview with this publication VJ Ken who was born Kenneth Makina said in the past few years the country had been trailing behind the international standard of both video shooting and editing.

The award winning video director said the fact that it took so long for Malawian videos to start making noise on international television channels, symbolizes that the country’s video industry was dull.

He, however, said it is now pleasing seeing videos shot and edited by Malawian video directors enjoying play in most top international television channels, a development which he said should not be taken for granted.

The video jockey further added that he is happy with the step Malawian video producers has taken in as far as videos quality is concerned claiming the concerted effort has helped him to as well further his skills.

“Well, Malawi at large is making improvements on video shooting and quality and fellow Video Directors should pat their backs for the good job being done though we are not yet there, but for sure we are really not on that same level.

“I am not just saying about the improvements, you can see that Malawian videos are now being played on international channels, for instance videos shot by myself are being viewed on Trace, One Gospel, Channel O just to mention a few and this can tell you something,” said VJ Ken.

However, the camera giant who is also managing Autofocus firm said all video producers in the country should never get satisfied with the current video standard claiming they should keep on dreaming big about the industry.

He then urged his fellow men in arm to also learn more from international video directors saying that could further raise the country’s video quality’s bar.

VJ Ken encouraged all videos producers in the offing to pull up their socks as one way of raising the Malawian flag on the international video scenes but he advised them not to be so desperate adding that doing so they may end up damaging video industry’s reputation.