Mutharika slurs JB: ‘she is a prostitute’


President Peter Mutharika went on the offensive on Monday afternoon in a bid for -reelection in the court sanctioned polls expected to take place this June.

Speaking at his home village of Goliati in Thyolo, Mutharika who had not been seen in public went hard on opposition candidates who took turns on him at Njamba in May.

Responding to remarks by former President Joyce Banda who now is in an alliance with the opposition, Mutharika said Joyce Banda and himself have personal issues.

Banda at the Njamba rally had remarked that Mutharika is a drunkard.

In his response, Mutharika said Joyce Banda was bitter because he stopped her from ‘exporting her prostitution to China’.

“I will tell you the genesis of her hatred,” said Mutharika to the crowd that gathered. “It was in China when we were switching ties from Taiwan to China. She did not know anything about it because Bingu did not fully trust her. We went to China to negotiate the deal. When the deal was finalised, Joyce Banda was involved. We all went to China. When we went to China, she wanted to occupy the room next to the President.”

Mutharika said that it was his decision to stop Banda occupy the room next to the President that got him on the wrong side of Banda.

“The room next to the President is occupied by his security detail. I told Banda that she could not occupy that room and she was angry. I told her that she should not export her prostitution from Lilongwe to China,” said Mutharika who was applauded by his supporters.

In a related development, Mutharika went guns blazing against opposition leader Lazarus Chakwera who demanded that Mutharika debate with him ahead of the polls.

“I cannot debate with Chakwera, he is not my size. If he wants to debate, he should debate with (Charles) Mchacha and the MP for this area, Masauko White. Those are his sizes, not me,” he said.



  1. Let us assume that Dr. Joyce Banda foolishly attempted to discredit APM, an eighty-year old grandpa. In view of the age difference between the two, my conclusion is that JB behaved herself in the most disrespectable manner going by our Malawian culture of respect for those who are older than one. As a self proclaimed Christian, JB should repent and opt to maintain her dignity as a good role model that she has always been. Proverbs 21 vs 7 is a supernatural weapon against the wicked, no need to assist GOD whose word says here that, “The violence of the wicked shall destroy them, because they refuse to do justice”. God hates social injustice in all of its forms and Proverbs 29 vs 20 goes on to say,”Do you see a man hasty in his words? There is more hope for a fool than for him”. Finally here is the catch in Proverbs 29 vs 9 “If a wise man contends with a foolish man, whether the fool rages or laughs, there is no peace”. Best interpreted as when people hear a decent person exchanging angry words with a foolish person, it is difficult to tell the difference between the two! So please JB save your breath for wise counsel and constructive campaigning to the majority of sensible Malawians. Leave the ‘foolish’ to ensnare themselves with their own foolishness as destruction is their sure ending according to the Scriptures quoted above.

  2. It’s too chakwera is not his size as he if too old and fat …however pa uthenga wawo wankhanza ya ku china kodi chiyani chimene ife tikuyenela kuwasankha from uthengawo. Peter mutharika is 80 he went to university 60 years ago before a calculator or a rubber was even discovered ..his teachers were born in 1905 they taught him what was in the curricula that time I’m even shocked if at 80 after all his memory issues and old age health issues if he can even pass mace he is so irrelevant and overrated he didnt practice here on the bar he isnt a ninja at the law kwathu kuno he only got the job after the death of his brother he did not get it on his own sorry but he doesnt look adept and sharp and fact in the brain as he thinks

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