Chilima’s convoy attacked


Thugs in Mulanje today attacked Vice President Saulos Chilima’s convoy as the Tonse Alliance runningmate was on the campaign trail.

Chilima’s convoy was attacked at Chiringa in Mulanje and police had to fire teargas to disperse the attackers.

According to local media reports, Chilima got out of his vehicle and appeared to be fine. The Tonse Alliance runningmate was, however, forced to cut short the campaign tour.

People also pelted stones at a press bus that was on the Tonse Alliance campaign trail . A cameraman and a driver reportedly sustained injuries.

Chilima is conducting campaign tours ahead of the court sanctioned fresh presidential elections. Tonse Alliance’s candidate in the polls is Lazarus Chakwera.

Chakwera is the main challenger to President Peter Mutharika who is seeking a second term.



  1. Dr SKC please take all the necessary precautions when going into the ‘lions’ den’ when Bakili Muluzi issued you his warning that he is a ‘dangerous’ person, he was not joking. You know better that the man was one the architecs of ‘mysterious’ killings in the old MCP. Now that his son is inches away from becoming an inevitable president by hook and crook, the risk of real present danger is there. It’s a huge regret that General Vincent Nundwe is no longer in the MDF, otherwise he was going to order his boys to protect all politicians from all political parties and all the general public. The MDF hero was ‘fired’ for these very situations to go unchecked. But God will have mercy on Malawi. We cannot afford to go the Rwandan route, there is too much at stake!

  2. Dpp cadets, don’t start things you can’t manage. Malawi is bigger than Mulanje. Know that your children are everywhere. Should we also start beating them. Ask the yaos, some of them they permanently changed their surnames in the north during Chakufwa time because of like what you have started. Please stop. You will not be able to contain what you have started.

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