Independent schools demand reopening of schools

Primary School block

An association for independent school owners, the Independent Schools Association of Malawi (ISAMA), has threatened that it will call for demonstrations if government fails to open schools by 1st June this year.

This is according to the association’s public relations officer Pastor Hannah Mijoya who was speaking at a press briefing on Wednesday in the commercial city of Blantyre.

Pastor Mijoya said the association is saddened to note that children’s right to education is seriously being violated due to the presidential order on closure of all private and public schools due to the Covid-19 pandemic two months ago.

She said the association demands that government should open schools by 1st June, failure of which the group will mobilize people to stage vigils at Sanjika Palace as a matter of forcing the president to do take action.

While acknowledging government’s effort of  instituting online and radio lessons, the body said the lessons are not that productive claiming not all learners are accessing those sessions and students need close monitoring which she said is not the case now.

“It’s now two months since schools were closed a development which has affected learners so much and there is need for immediate attention that’s why we are demanding that government should open schools now.

“You can see that political leaders are still holding rallies. We are questioning all that including the continuance of market operations. To that end, we are making demands for schools to be opened too,” said Mijoya.

She further added that when schools are reopened, learners will seriously be advised on practicing preventive measures as provided for by the Ministry of Health.

Malawi closed schools before a single case of the Coronavirus was registered in the country. Currently, 101 cases have been registered.