Bakili Muluzi hits campaign trail: Eastern region to vote for DPP/UDF

Bakili Muluzi & Peter Mutharika

Former President Bakili Muluzi has joined the campaign trail throwing his weight behind the DPP/UDF alliance whose runningmate is his son, Atupele Muluzi.

In a video clip that is circulating, Muluzi is heard addressing a small group at his village of Kapoloma in Machinga District.

“We are very grateful that Professor (APM) has settled for a child from this village to be his runningmate,” says Muluzi to the audience.

“Not only will he be a runningmate, he will also be the Vice President of this country.”

Muluzi then is heard making a declaration that the Eastern region will render its support to the DPP-UDF alliance.

A few weeks ago, Atupele Muluzi promised the people of Zomba that his father will join the campaign once the Muslim fasting period of Ramadan is over.

In recent days, Vice President Saulos Chilima who is campaigning on the MCP ticket has been targeting the senior Muluzi after accusing him of sending threats to him (Chilima).

It is not known if the senior Muluzi will be joining his child on the campaign trail or he will be firing from his own directions.