DPP haunted by unfinished projects in Mzimba


The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) senior officials had a tough time selling President Peter Mutharika’s candidacy in Mzimba on Tuesday following the party’s unfinished projects in the district.

The DPP, led by its vice president for the North Goodall Gondwe, Regional governor for the North Mzomera Ngwira, and party guru Leston Mulli, embarked on a series of whistle stop tours in Mzimba on Tuesday; the rallies that were at some point marred by boos and stone pelting.

Speaking at Mzimba Boma, DPP district governor for Mzimba District Akim Mwanza told the gathering that it is difficult for DPP to get enough votes in Mzimba, because people are disappointed with unfulfilled projects in the district.

“We have projects in Mzimba such as the Mombera University and Chakazi bridge that were launched a long time ago, but nothing is happening on the ground and Its a big-draw back for the party.

“People are disappointed and I am calling upon the President to act fast on these projects to gain back the trust of the people,” said Mwanza amid boos and shouting from the people.

Apart from the much-talked Mombera University and Chakazi bridge, other projects which have stalled under DPP in Mzimba include the Jenda-Edingeni road, Mzimba Stadium, new M’mbelwa District Council offices, and Mnjiri bridge.

However, weighing in on the matter in an interview, Ngwira said the DPP government led by President Mutharika will finish all projects in the Northern region, and Mzimba district in particular.

He then challenged the people of Mzimba to vote for President Mutharika during the coming Fresh Presidential Elections (FPE).

He said: “All the projects that the DPP led government launched will be completed in Mzimba and the whole Northern region. These things takes time and let people be patient and vote DPP to finish the projects.”

The whistle stop rallies which started at Mzimba Boma, proceeded to Manyamula, Engalaweni, Edingeni and Embangweni Trading Centres.


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