MACRA condemns Times, Zodiak for broadcasting offensive material


The Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) has condemned Times, Zodiak and Mibawa for broadcasting indecent, insulting and offensive material.

In a statement today, MACRA Director General Godfrey Itaye said the offensive material was broadcast on Mibawa Television, Zodiak Radio, Zodiak TV and Times Television during rallies.

“Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) has noted with serious concern the broadcasting of indecent, insulting, and offensive material by broadcasters during the current political campaign meetings,” said Itaye,

He added that the assessment of the political broadcasts by MACRA indicated that the broadcasts breached Section 22 of the Second Schedule to the Communications Act, 2016.

According to Itaye, the regulatory authority has reported the broadcasters to the Broadcasting Monitoring and Complaints Committee (BMMC) for further action in line with rule 54 of the Broadcasting Regulation for 2019.

Itaye then warned that MACRA is monitoring broadcasters during the election period and will invoke its regulatory action against any broadcaster in breach of relevant laws.

Meanwhile, MACRA has urged the general public to submit political broadcast complaints to the BMMC through the MACRA Director General.

The BMMC was established to handle political broadcasting complaints during the elections. The committee comprises Malawi Electoral Commission, MISA Malawi, Media Council of Malawi, Malawi Law Society, National Initiative for Civic Education, Centre for Multiparty Democracy, and Malawi Human Rights Commission.


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  1. MACRA slowly becoming DPP arm. what did you do when abusive words were beemed on MBC? Stop being partisan. YOU monitor the broadcasters and we will be monitoring you too.

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