Coronavirus: Malawi sex workers forced to cut charges


Commercial sex workers in the city of Mzuzu say they have been forced to reduce service fee due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking over the weekend, one of the sex worker plying her business at Old town bars said the pandemic has forced them to drop their charges by 50 percent.

“Most of our reliable clients in town complain of being broke, that’s why we decided to drop charges at least to find something in our pocket to keep our lives moving,” said the sex worker who identified herself as Matilda.

She added that since the pandemic started, their income has dropped and in some weeks they spend days without making any money.

Following the ban on public gatherings, Mzuzu City Council ordered all leisure centre owners to close their bars and bottle stores by 8 pm failing which the Council will seal their premises.

A sex worker at Luwinga said the pandemic has greatly affected their business.

“Our business is hand to mouth of some sort, we need good business environment to live better but with Coronavirus, we are even failing to pay rentals,” she said.

Recently, the national sex workers body asked Government to consider supporting them financially because the pandemic has affected them.

In Malawi, 83 coronavirus cases have been recorded and there have been four deaths and 33 recoveries.