Twin M being exploited by big companies: FDH, TNM mine Ndizifinyika


Social commentators in the country have expressed concern that the corporate world is benefiting from Twin M’s Ndizifinyika brand without special consideration to the brains behind it.

The youthful duet released a song entitled Ndizifinyika roughly a year ago. Since its release, it has been enjoying popularity consequently charming companies and other public figures to use the brand for satisfying their varying purposes.

Ndizifinyika, meaning “should I panic?”   is undoubtedly a household term. It is being used by FDH Bank in a promotion dubbed Osafinyika. A mobile service company TNM also uses the brand. Politicians have also followed suit.

Commentator Geofrey Mugabe Freza, as he is known on Facebook, believes the brand creators have to benefit from their sweat.

“I don’t know why it’s like this here in Malawi. After seeing a certain video the Twin M did with Namadingo on Osafinyika Promotion, I thought that they have been given the car they used. I was like wow!! This is good but Alas!! It wasn’t there’s, they were only borrowed. Sad! There is a need for a special consideration to these geniuses who came up with this selling brand,” reads his post in part.

While many share the view with the aforementioned commentators, others believe artists should be paid if and only if their product has been used directly.

Deborah Mvalo wrote, “The case of FDH Bank needs no argument as it used the real song and I believe Twin M benefited. It is not justifiable for people to pay the musician just for mentioning the word at either political party rallies or elsewhere.”