Youth urged to desist from political violence


Amidst a series of political violence acts taking place in some parts of the country, youths in Chiradzulu have been urged to practice issue-based politics.

Over the past weeks, acts of political violence have been registered across the country. A month ago, some unknown people went on rampage assaulting innocent people as well as destroying Malawi Electoral Commission’s (MEC) registration equipment.

In view of this, Chiradzulu District Youth Officer, Peter Beni, has appealed to the youth to desist from violence at all cost.

“My office works with twelve youth networks across the district, which gives us a great platform to interact on dangers of political violence.

“We are empowering the youth to think beyond politics, by studying those blue prints and only elect the best leader that has their welfare at heart,” he said.

He added that it is high time the youth started to think of their future and denounce any attempt of being used as a violence tool.

Apart from this, Beni said his office is also engaging the youth on financial independence as stipulated in the Youth Policy.

However, he said some of the electoral activities have been put on hold due to Covid-19 pandemic.

In his remarks, Macfallen Monjeleliwa, Chairperson of Mpama 2 Youth Network in the district, urged his fellow youths to put Malawi first, saying politics is just a pleasure that should not be taken seriously.

Monjeleliwa added that politicians come and go, an indication that politics is a short-term career that cannot guarantee someone’s future, but education is.

On this note, he urged his fellow youths to denounce all forms of violence, and engage in their plans, all politicians regardless of their affiliations.

“It is difficult to determine a winner in an election. So by working with any politician, we are securing our future in a sense that whosoever wins, will assist us,” he said.

He emphasized that working relationship with politicians should only be based on mutual benefits and not only push the politicians up to their positions.