Fredokiss claps back at phyzix and Martse: You can’t reach my level


Urban music maestro Fredokiss has spat fire in his latest single Dadada in response to a wave of attacks from his rivals in the music industry.

In the new song, the rapper whose real name is Penjani Kalua, manifests his opposing attitude towards those who take jabs at him. He directly tells them that they are nowhere near him.

“Mukudissa sindingabweze/mukuhater sindingabweze/level yanga simungaipeze/mtanda wanga simungausenze (you beef and hate me but I pay you back with the opposite/am way ahead of you/you cannot carry my cross for its too heavy for you.)

Prior to Dadada`s birth, the Ghetto Kingkong as Fredokiss is fondly known, fell victim to Martse`s beef through a song entitled Adidas. The Lilongwe based artist made fun of Kalua`s failure to claim a parliamentary seat in 2019`s elections.

According to Martse, the Ghetto which Penjani claims to represent rejected him by not voting him into power.

Another hip hop artist Phyzix has had a direct cold war with the Dadada manufacturer, as well as a clash on Ghetto supremacy. The Cholapitsa hitmaker also brands himself an ambassador of the semi-urban area.

Some quarters have argued that Fredokiss is contradicting himself by saying he does not beef back when has just done so in the latest song. According to some social media analysts, the award winning rapper is clearly demeaning others in the tune.