Atoht Manje raises the bar with Huwa


The artist behind a unique type of music called bazooka, Atoht Manje, has once again done justice to the mic having released a tune rich in message entitled Huwa.

The new song reflects reality, focusing on the same situation as faced in different environments. It follows the footsteps of Manje’s other traditional songs.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24 on Wednesday, the Lilongwe based singer said people should expect more good music from him.

“I have been doing this type of music for sometime and my fans should expect more good music like this from me,” he said.

Huwa has been delivered in the same style like Munthu, tizipepese, and Moyo.

“Nanji ku ntchito ku ngokhalira kupira/kutinenera mabodza kutisemera zinyawu/abwana awakonde Ife tiipe/iwo awakweze ntchito Ife atichose (at work place we endure their lies/they lie about to gain favours from the superiors)” sounds part of the song.

The singer is receiving more of positive feedback from the audience for the song.

Some people believe the musician manifests artistic maturity in Huwa by addressing a real life situation in a very creative way.

Emmanuel Sazuze wrote, “Atoht is Munthu wamba (Atoht is unique) he commands the song and obeys him.”