Police warn against rumours about blood suckers


Police in Nkhatabay have warned residents against propagating rumours about blood suckers, saying there are no blood suckers in the district.

The call comes amid reports of violence in which property has been damaged and innocent people wounded over blood sucking speculations.

In an interview, Nkhata Bay Police Station Spokesperson Sergeant Kondwani James said the station has embarked on an intensive awareness asking people not to believe the myth.

He said sensitization meetings which started last week, are targeting all traditional leaders, religious leaders and others.

During the meetings, issues of dangers of property damage and beating people are being preached.

During the meetings, Station Officer (SO) Alexander Moyo has been advising leaders such as chiefs to inform their subordinates to avoid taking the law into their hands but rather report issues to police.

In Nkhatabay, visitors are those mostly falling victim to the rumours as they are being suspected of going into communities to suck blood.

Police in the district have since pledged to continue reaching out to many people in order to deal with the violence.