Zomba registers one Covid-19 case after Ministry corrects error


Zomba has recorded a Covid-19 case which was erroneously added to Blantyre’s tally.

According to a report from the Ministry of Health for April 18, a case from Zomba was misclassified as from Blantyre.

Following the correction, Blantyre now has 8 recorded cases. Across the country, 17 cases have bee recorded and two deaths have been registered.

There have also been three recoveries as the first three cases confirmed on April 2 have been declared cured of Covid-19.
The total number of active cases is 12.

Ten of these case are being managed as outpatients under self-quarantine while two are asymptomatic and they have been placed under instituional quarantine for security reasons.

Malawi has tested a total of 429 samples since the pandemic began and as of 18 April there were 8 pending results
Currently, the Ministry of Health is monitoring over 7000 travellers from high risk countries.

On Saturday, 19 travellers wre intercepted and deported since Malawwi has imposed restrictions on foreign travellers and only three borders are open to allow movement of essential goods.