Minister impressed with the work done by NGO Board of Malawi



Government of Malawi through the Ministry of Population Planning and Social Welfare says it is impressed with what the NGO Board of Malawi is doing in terms of regulation.

Speaking today during familiarization tour at the NGO Board of Malawi offices Minister of Population Planning and Social Welfare Honourable Clara Makungwa said she is very pleased and impressed with the work that the NGO is doing.

“I can say I am very happy because as a regulation I expected to see something like this and indeed just fulfills what I have seen here so am excited about it,” said Makungwa.

The Minister also noted that she would have loved to see the NGO Board continue doing great job in terms of it’s operation.

“Going forward looking what I have seen and what I have heard here I definitely doubt I would demand anything more than what I have heard and what I have seen here. They are already fulfilling their mandate as a NGO Board perhaps as an entity they have challenges but that is not stopping them operating so far so good for me and I urge them to continue working like that.

“Let me allow me take this opportunity to urge the NGO’s to improve on their report submission to the regulator so that the achievements and best practices being registered in the NGO sector are well documented and share with the general public,” said Makungwa.

Commenting on issues between NGO Board of Malawi and CONGOMA, the Minister said she is going to meet with CONGOMA and NGO Board of Malawi together and discuss.

“You know problems are always there and you must be always be aware to deal away with them and the fact remains that the NGO Board is a government entity is a regulator that looks after all the NGO’s both local and International and therefore we must be able to appreciate it so as a minister I will make sure the issues that are there have been solved,”said Makungwa.

She further added that her ministry will continue supporting the NGO Board and she will work very hard to try and make the NGO Board have conducive working atmosphere and perhaps address the challenges they are facing.

In her remarks, NGO Board Director of Cooperative Services Linda Njikho said she is excited because of the Minister’s visit.

“We occupied this building this year in January and we have never been visited by any government officials, we have been expecting government officials to visit us because this building was bought through the resources that government had given us.

“But today we have been very excited as the NGO Board we have the Minister herself. She came to visit us and appreciate the place that we have and our expectations is that she will consider our request for more resources so that we may develop the place,” said Njikho.

The NGO Board of Malawi is an organization aimed to registering non-govermental organisations, both local and international.