Woman dies after being hit by husband’s reversing car


A woman aged 36 has died in Blantyre after she was struck by her husband’s reversing vehicle.

Ndirande Police Station Spokesperson Inspector Edna Mzingwitsa has identified the woman as Chrissy Nehiya and the man as Prescott.

Mzingwitsa said the incident occurred on Saturday, 4th April, 2020 at Ndirande New lines at about 8PM.

Prescott arrived home and was parking the Toyota Hilux pickup in his compound.  At the same time, Chrissy had rushed to rescue their son who was behind the motor vehicle.

While reversing the vehicle, Prescott lost control of the vehicle and ended up hitting his wife.

Chrissy was taken to Ndirande health centre where she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Meanwhile, police are advising all drivers to be cautious and very observant when reversing, parking and entering into premises to avoid such incidents.

The woman Chrissy Nehiya hailed from Kapichi Village, T/A Kapichi in Thyolo.