Activist welcomes Mutharika’s order to release prisoners

Victor Mhango-CHREAA

A Human rights activist has applauded President Peter Mutharika for ordering the release of prisoners as a way of preventing the spread of coronavirus.

The activist, Victor Mhango who is executive Director at Centre for Human Rights Education, Advice and Assistance (CHREAA), said it is good to see the president considering the rights of prisoners in the country.

He added that prisoners should not be neglected but measures should be taken to make sure they are always protected.

On Saturday, Mutharika said his government will decongest prisons by releasing some prisoners and juveniles who committed minor offences and those who have served a significant portion of their sentences for moderate crimes.

The president then directed the Malawi Prison Services and Juvenile Centres to present a list of the prisoners to the Minister of Homeland Security for processing of their release.

Mutharika’s order came hours after the fourth case of the highly contagious coronavirus was confirmed in Malawi.