Coronavirus: 39 bus passengers quarantined after Malawian dies in transit from SA


Passengers of a bus have been quarantined after a Malawian national died on the bus while in transit from the Republic of South Africa.

Mwanza border public relations officer Pasqually Zulu confirmed that authorities at the border on Friday stopped a bus operated by Miraji coaches, registration number KCV5174W which had 40 passengers, the deceased inclusive.

Zulu told Malawi24 that authorities at the facility denied entry for the bus following reports that the bus was carrying a passenger who died on the way to Malawi and was suspected to have tested positive for the pandemic.

However, Zulu said health workers will do tests to confirm if the man had COVID19 since they only stopped the bus to do what they are mandated to.

He added that as a precautionary measure towards dealing with the pandemic, border authorities saw it vital to stop the bus from getting into the country until a health action was taken for the safety of the remaining passengers and Malawi at large which is yet to record a confirmed coronavirus case.

“The bus which had 40 passengers on board operated by Miraji coaches, registration number KCV5174W, was coming from South Africa and it arrived at the Mwanza border at around 2200 hours on Friday, March 27.

“So authorities upon receiving news of what happened along the way that a Malawian national died before getting into the country, we thought of stopping it for medical officials to do their part but as for us we can not confirm that the person was coronavirus positive or not,” said Zulu.

He further said that people should not panic with the development claiming precautionary medical measures have already been done such that there is no spread of the virus if any of the passengers really tested positive.

Zulu, however, warned that authorities will punish anyone who will attempt not to comply with the new border regulations following the pandemic as reports indicate that some travelers threatens border authorities when doing their duties.

Meanwhile, the body of the man has been sent to his home for burial and Zulu said body will be buried with precaution as it is still unknown whether he the persom positive or not.

He further said that the remaining 39 passengers are in isolation in the commercial city.


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  1. Usa has pumped 2 trillion dollars into the corona virus…they wish they closed their boarders in january. In europe people are only allowed to go to critical work…shop ..or hospital..all travel is banned. Why r people travelling from countries of high infection to low infection..why ..

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