Mchinji based artist releases “Undisainile”


Mchinji based musician Prosper Chisale released “Undisainile”, a song about a boy who was beaten to a pulp by a blesser.

Chisale first released the video for the song on Friday, 21 February while the audio was released on Monday, 24 February.

Both the video and audio versions are now available online and are getting airplay on radio as well as television stations across the country.

In a press statement, Chisale said he deliberately delayed the audio to release the video first as a teaser.

“The video is unique and I was sure that once people watch it, they would resonate with the concept,” he explained.

He added that the music is not about the artist but to bring the concept and let people see what the song is all about, bring in the story and let the listeners understand inside of the lyrics.

“The concept emanated from the time when I was doing acting, at first I wanted to shoot a movie based on the concept of which I failed due to financial muscle. However, I have included more actions in this music video, no wonder I thought it wise to delay the audio over the video,” he explained.

In the song, there are two love birds and the boy is recalling the struggle he went through during their courtship.

At one time, the boy was almost killed by a blesser who also wanted to be in a love relationship with his girlfriend.

The video was directed and produced by VJ Ken.