Timeless Qualities of a Good Mother


You’ve probably been reflecting on your childhood years and the earliest memories of your mom. Most people will have a lot of good things to say about their mothers. The bond is one that is impossible to break no matter the indifferences. A lot of things have changed about raising children and being a mom but there are some timeless qualities that still hold true today. Here are some of the timeless qualities of a good mom.

Unconditional Love

The love of a mother is one that is pure and true. A mother will love the child even when the world sees no reason for doing so. This has something to do with the bond of being a life carrier. Nurturing is a lot more than comparing boba wrap vs moby wrap prices. It will start when the baby comes to the world and will only end when both mother and child are no more. It is hard to get such a bond with other humans. It is something that can’t be explained scientifically as it is evident with other mammals as well.

Never Influenced By Other Parents

A good mom will never be influenced by what other parents are doing. The parent-child dynamics are different in every household. Your friends might have been allowed to stay out the whole night but your mom would have never had any of that. Her house, her rules. If you’re not comfortable then you can as well start paying the bills.  Such rules appeared to unreasonable, but looking back, you’re glad she stood her ground as you might never have known where you could have ended if she was to follow other parents.

She Never Said Yes to Everything

Parenting has changed over the years. Kids are known to cause drama in stores when they can’t get what they want. A good mom will never give you everything you wanted, especially when there was no need for it. If you wanted something so bad then you had to earn. This instilled discipline and hard work.  Those kids that are growing up have a sense of entitlement which is the last thing you’d want to experience if you were to raise kids the right way. A good mother is one that is firm and loving at the same time. It is possible to get the balance right without being overly strict.

Let the Kids Fight Their Battles

A good mother is never one that interferes with the kid’s battles. All you can expect is her support but you’ll be on your own for the most past. This is to ensure the building of character from a young age which is lacking in the modern age. You might have issues with your history teacher and want your mom to intervene. She knows the importance of letting you fight your own battles because there is no need for her being involved.


Patience is a virtue that mothers have mastered over the years of raising kids. You will be tempted to shout in the grocery store but remember that you’re just dealing with a kid who doesn’t know better. Patience is a virtue that is required for moms’ right from the beginning of nurturing. It is easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed, especially if there are a lot of things going through your head.


The kids will obviously make a lot of mistakes during their upbringing. A good mom should learn to forgive as mistakes are bound to be made. Forgiveness is the way. There are circumstances where you’ll also make mistakes and should not hesitate to say sorry. This is a culture that should be cultivated from early on so that kids know to learn to say sorry when they make mistakes.

The most important thing is that you’re striving to be a good parent. Children need to be shown unconditional love if they’re to achieve greater things in life.  They also need to understand that there are consequences for their actions. Be firm and fair when it comes to disciplines and they’ll grow up to be outstanding members of the society.


The timeless qualities highlighted have stood the test of time. Everyone has fond memories of their mom. There has to be that one thing that you can never forget because of your mother. Regardless of the parenting style, every mother is special and what matters most is the love that they provide for their kids.