Mady P ‘dies’ shooting Bosa music video


Dancehall maestro and member of the Mabilinganya Empire Mady P who rebranded to Don Gogo ‘died’ in a music video for Bosa.

Video for the song in question was released late last year via YouTube. Soon after the release, the visuals divided audience’ opinion on morality grounds.

Recently, a Facebook user (name withheld) posted an image from the video which shows Don Gogo in a Coffin. He captioned the picture Rest in Peace. However others quickly jumped in to correct him.

“That’s a music video for Bosa, why do you want to send an innocent man to an early grave,” said Dickson Danger

Perhaps it is bizzare in Malawi to shoot death scenes due to people’s believes. Most cultures cling to the belief that such actions predict ones death.

Others believe there is nothing wrong with acting.

“This video is only reflecting on reality, don’t people die? Are these not the very same scenes we see in international movies? Should we judge it negatively because it is Malawian?” Questioned Timalani Nyirenda.