MEC needs new blood to avoid voter apathy – analyst


A political commentator says the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) should have new people in top positions if voter apathy is to be dealt with in the fresh elections.

According to the commentator, Wonderful Mkhutche, people in the country have lost trust in the elections governing body a development which he said will result into many voters not being interested to cast their vote this time.

Mkhutche said that though for once, Malawians, through the courts, have spoken that they do not want to compromise on an important part of their democracy, there is still several developments that need to be looked at in as far as fresh elections are concerned.

He said a free and fair election is very possible but will depend on adequate funding and support MEC will get from different key stakeholders.

“Generally, people are expecting a MEC with new faces for them to trust the electoral process. The current one will only attract voter apathy. If MEC will have new faces, Malawians will expect it to conduct the election free of major irregularities and that the result will represent general wishes.

“A free and fair election will depend on factors like adequate funding and support the electoral governing board will get from key players like political parties,” said Mkhutche.

He continued to say that if new commissioners are appointed at MEC, they will have a task of restoring trust in the electoral body which he said will be simple considering that in the Constitutional Court judgment, the court pointed out areas that needs improvement.

Mkhutche further said that Malawians should expect an unsettled political environment in the next five months as parties will be forging alliances a thing which he said will stir or create a new terrain as far as party politics is concerned.

Mkhutche added that he is seeing peace prevailing claiming after the ruling the country has seemingly gone back to its ways and this will largely continue though he said isolated violent incidents will not be ignored along the way to fresh polls.