Police mediate between Mchenga Coal Mine and community

Rumphi Police officers on Friday resolved the conflict between Mchenga Coal Mine and community members after the two sides disagreed over corporate social responsibility.

Public relations officer for Rumphi Police, Inspector Henry Mnjere, said there were disagreements between the communities and the Mchenga Coal Mine following the company’s failure to complete works at Mphula Primary School ground last year.

“It was heard that the concerned communities asked for help to level Mphula Primary School ground last year, and the company management approved the proposal and started working on it in November, 2019 but stopped before finishing after they had run out of engine oil which is according to Munashe Disha who is the company Manager.

“This did not please the beneficiaries and they resorted to mounting roadblocks across feeder paths to mines and chased employees, leading to closure of the operations. This prompted management at the coal mine to call police who mediated peace talks between them,” Mnjere said.

He added that after the mediation, the two reached a consensus of resuming operations and quick completion of the said project.

The mediation meeting was facilitated by the Officer In–Charge of Rumphi Police Mr Edward G. Chingaipe who is also Deputy Commissioner of Police.

In his remarks, Chingaipe urged the community members to follow proper channels when acting on issues.

On his part, the Principal Group Village Headman Yambayamba appealed to management of the Company to seal the communication gap that existed.

He further promised to inform his subjects on what was agreed.