Govt asks for support in fight against human trafficking

Nicholas Dausi

Government through the Ministry of Homeland Security has told stakeholders in the country to join hands in fighting against human trafficking.

Minister responsible Nicholas Dausi said this on Monday during a two day training for Malawi Government trainers and resource persons on the application of the Trafficking in Persons Act of 2015 that was held at BICC in Lilongwe.

Dausi said human trafficking is real and it is also happening in Malawi so if it is to end completely, there is need for cooperation among stakeholders.

He added that they organized the training to equip skills to government trainers on how they can train other peopleto act on the ground so that they can put an end to human trafficking.

“People who are being trained will be the torchbearers who will be sensitizing people on how trafficking takes place to recognise and avoid it at an early stage,” he explained.

He then said that government is on the forefront working hard with different national and international stakeholders to make sure that people are not involved in human trafficking and to construct a shelter where victims of trafficking will be kept after being identified so that they can be taken to their respective homes.

In her remarks, an expert at the United States Embassy who monitor and combat trafficking in persons, Haley Wright, said Malawi is one of the 189 countries affected by human trafficking and through their assessment, they have seen the efforts of Malawi government to combat human trafficking.

She said stakeholders need to work hard in sensitizing Malawians on the signs of human trafficking so that people can learn and avoid it.

She also commended the government for organizing the training saying it will help stakeholders know how to end the vice.

Commenting on the issue, one of the participants of the training, Inspector Moses Bushiri, said the training is a good initiative because it will impart them with knowledge which will help them prosecute people involved in human trafficking.

He added that they will also train other prosecutors, investigators and other police officers on how they can work together to end the practice.

The training brought together stakeholders such as Police officers and workers from the Ministry of Homeland.