Malawi will burn – Bushiri

Major 1 Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri says Malawi will burn down following the Constitutional Court ruling on the presidential election case.

Bushiri issued a warning prophecy during his Sunday service in South Africa that some politicians are bound to shed blood which he said would leave millions of innocent Malawians in jeopardy.

“I am not here to say who will win the case but the aftermath. As a man of God, my job is not to announce the winner. I do not want to be like I am influencing the court ruling. But after the ruling, I see the other party will appeal and in course of the appeal, I see tension and pressure that may lead into jeopardizing lives of people” said Bushiri.

Bushiri, widely known as Major 1, warned politicians against shedding “blood for selfish reasons”.

“I am calling on the entire world, everybody listening to this message right now, to take a moment and pray for the nation of Malawi. This ruling will define the political route of Malawi. Stakes are already high. Let us pray for peace and calm in Malawi” he said.

His prophecy about the 2019 Malawi elections has already been fulfilled. In March last year, Prophet Bushiri had said the aftermath of the elections would be unpleasant and that the opposition would create a state of insecurity.

Leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering church (ECG) had successfully predicted that President Peter Mutharika would retain power and preside over a minority government but the opposition and activists would challenge the results and protests.

The High Court, sitting as the Constitutional Court in Lilongwe, is expected to make its ruling this week.




  1. How can anyone say that he made a prophecy over something as obvious as this. Anyone with a brain could figure that this is the way our elections will turn out. Where was he when we had similar outcomes? If we look at our history after Muluzi, our elections have always been contested. This is due to the lack of infrastructure that would ensure that every vote is counted properly. I cannot believe that some people are actually buying this”prophecy”.

  2. Bushiri is not a prophet, he is just analysing the situation. This is what is happening in most countries.

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