Kottana Chidyaonga’s death case takes new twist: pathologists ‘fight’


The death case of Kottana Maria Chidyaonga, a 23-year-old lady who died on 4th January, has taken a different direction as pathologists disagree on the real cause of the death.

In the past week, Dr Charles Dzamalala of Malmed Health released an autopsy report which indicates the late Kottana died of poisoning. The report reveals the deceased had termik particles in her body, a chemical that led to her death.

In a latest development, another pathologist in the name of Dr Steve Kamiza is challenging findings of the postmortem. He argues that Dzamalala’s results are not solid enough to conclude that Chidyaonga’s death was a case of homicide.

Kamiza’s efforts have the blessings of one of the suspects in the case Diana Bhangwanji. In his affidavit, Kamiza stresses that Dzamalala’s post-mortem report is only implicating Bhangwanji as the suspect.

On the contrary, Dzamalala stands his grounds that Kottana died of poisoning. He has said he is even ready to defend his findings in court.

The case has also attracted Medical Council of Malawi which plans to conduct its own research on the matter. Its efforts are meant to establish the real cause of the death given the controversy surrounded Dzamalala’s findings.

The case has to great extent attracted public interest. This is due to the varying version of events that led to the 23 year old lady’s death. In the meantime Dr Dzamalala’s findings are all Malawians can cling as people await what Dr Kamiza and Medical council of Malawi efforts will yield.