Maseko Ngonis hold 2020 Umbizo ceremony


On Sunday, the Maseko Ngonis from various locations, rallied at Nkosini Headquarters at Lizulu in Ntcheu for 2020 Umbizo cultural ceremony which is among the ceremonies organized by the Paramount Chief Gomani V.

Umbizo is the cultural ceremony whereby the Maseko Ngonis gather together and worship God for keeping them healthy during the previous year.

Speaking during the ceremony, Inkosi Gomani V urged Maseko Ngonis to keep on showing unity and love to each other in order to develop.

“As Maseko Paramount Chief,  let me encourage all Maseko Ngonis to be united at all times, let me encourage them to love one another and let us all be God fearing people at all Times,” said Gomani V.

Inkosi Gomani V further encouraged girls to pursue their education. He also encouraged youth to be culturally active since 64 percent of Malawians are youths.

The State Vice President, Everton Chimulirenji, who is also an advisor (Impi) to the Paramount Chief Gomani, agreed with the sayings of Gomani on the essential need of unity and love, and he promised to support such cultural ceremonies.

“As an Impi, I will give Paramount Chief all the support in all cultural and developmental issues,” said Chimulirenji.

Besides giving thanks to God, Umbizo ceremony also act as the commemoration to all the late Paramount Maseko Chiefs and also as one way of sharing gifts.