UDF relaxing as other opposition parties are conducting rallies


The former ruling party, United Democratic Front (UDF), is silent on the political scene as the nation awaits the outcome of the 2019 elections case.

This is contrary to what main opposition parties are doing. UTM is one party on the opposition benches which is making noise. The party is conducting rallies ahead of the conclusion of the elections’ case.

Some quarters have argued that the UTM is campaigning in case the court will rule in favour of a rerun. However, the party denies the claim.

Speaking to the media, UDF spokesperson Ken Ndanga, was quoted as saying they cannot start holding rallies without discussing at party level.

“If we are to be busy on the scene, we will need a closed door meeting,” said Ndanga.

UDF came fourth in the last year’s tripartite elections. With time, the party has been shrinking with less hope of regaining its lost glory.