Two men drown in Kasungu


Two men have drowned in Kasungu after failing to cross Chipala River on their way back from a drinking joint.

The two have been identified as Yohane Kaluwa, aged 31 and Cosmas Chinkoka, aged 40.

Kasungu Police Station Public Relations Officer Inspector Harry Namwaza said the two on Thursday went to drink beer at Mtapsa village which is on the other side of Chipala River.

After treating themselves to some few bottles of local beer, the two were drunk and on their way home they failed to cross the river in question and got drowned.

On January 3, their bodies were found stuck to a tree. Postmortem conducted showed that death occurred due to suffocation.

Following the incident, police have advised people to avoid crossing water bodies when they are drunk. Police have further advised parents and guardians to pay close supervision on their young ones and ensure that they don’t play in or near water bodies so that drowning cases can be avoided.

Yohane Kaluwa hailed from Nsola village, traditional authority Wimbe in Kasungu while Cosmas Chimkoka hailed from Chingwalu village, traditional authority Wimbe in Kasungu.