Mzuzu residents complain over poor sanitation

Mzuzu residents have expressed concern over poor sanitation in the city and have urged the Mzuzu City Council to improve the situation during this rainy season.

According to the residents, there is garbage at almost every corner of the city including at Chiwanja Airport along M1 road, Zigwagwa Market and at main market where vendors sell Chicken.

One of the residents Augustine Harawa said the situation is worrying.

“While Mzuzu City Council is unable to do waste management, as residents we are to blame too. We throw litter anywhere without remorse.

“Let’s keep Mzuzu clean, Nobody is going to come to do it for us” said Harawa.

Ina separate interview, Edward Kashololo Simwaka who is Chibavi Ward Councillor said at the moment the city does not have enough waste collection equipment.

“We can’t work without money. We don’t have enough resources,we don’t have enough garbage collectors because some residents are not paying city rates, ground rates and business licences. I urge all resident to pay city rates because the same money is used to make our city clean.

“We have illegal vendors they are also some of the culprits who make our city dirty, they pay us nothing but we collect all the garbage they leave in the streets, thereby making our job tough,” said Councillor Simwaka.

He then urged residents to take responsibility in cleaning the city.
He said: “Residents should make sure that they don’t litter any where, In our homes lets make sure that we manage our waste before dumping them.”