Bushiri appoints ‘deputy’

Justice Hara

Controversial Prophet Justice Hara has disbanded his Ambassadors for Christ ministries and asked his followers to follow him to ECG where he has been appointed as Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Associate Pastor.

Bushiri, through his spokesperson, said the appointment sets Hara as the second in command at Enlightened Christian Gathering ECG) church.

“An associate pastor equals to someone second in command, spiritually from [Bushiri].

“It is a huge responsibility as Hara will be travelling representing Prophet Bushiri on spritual front” the spokesperson has been quoted as saying by one of the local online publications.

Hara who like his spiritual father, Prophet Bushiri, has faced extra-marital allegations. In 2015, he was beaten and left for dead allegedly by hired bandits.

Widely known as the Game Changer, Prophet Hara is also based in South Africa.



  1. Another scamming fake prophet like Conman Bushiri, the President of the $100 Billion fake AFRIICI scam investment fund

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