Three killed over witchcraft allegations in Karonga


Villagers in Karonga have killed three elderly people over allegations that the three were practising witchcraft.

The murder happened Thursday at Lupembe in the district.

According to reports, a witchdoctor in the area declared that three are witches and they were later murdered.

The victims (circled)

Northern Region Police Spokesperson Peter Kalaya said the police are

One of the victims (in yellow) before the murder

yet to get more details about the incident.

Meanwhile, Malawians have condemned the murder of the three and have called on authorities to take action.

“Too bad, I think the Herbalist Association of Malawi should look into issues to do with the so-called “witchdoctors” these are the people fueling these barbaric acts,” said one person in a comment on Facebook Page.

Another commenter said: “Very bad indeed the law must take its function to those involved especially the leaders”