We can make Malawi a rich country – Mutharika


… calls on Malawians to stop complaining and blaming others

President Peter Mutharika says people in the country can create wealth and make Malawi a rich country.

Mutharika was speaking on Friday at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre during the MBC Innovation Awards.

The Malawi leader said the awards are promoting the spirit of innovation even among the most hidden Malawians in the villages. He added that for Malawi to develop, there is a need for thinkers and innovators.

Mutharika at the awards

“We need the right ideas. We need every Malawian. We need every contribution. That is why I say every Malawian can make a difference. Even people in our village communities have great ideas that catharikaCommunityn make a difference in this country. Listen to the people. Everyone has a story to tell,” he said.

According to Mutharika, he wants a competent organization to be established to patent and protect the innovation of Malawian. He also wants innovators who have productive ideas to be well organized and be given access to loans when they need capital.

Mutharika, however, said Malawians need to deal with the source of poverty in the country which is the way people think.

He said people in the country enjoy complaining and finding someone to blame instead of creating solutions.

“Blaming others and playing the victim mentality will never take us anywhere as a country. The only way to change our country is for us to think differently. This is the only factor that distinguishes countries.

“If you start thinking differently, you will be a different person. In this world, you are the only person you can change. Start thinking positively, and you will begin to achieve positive results. You can never achieve positive results by thinking negatively.

“Other countries are different from us because they choose to think differently. Foreigners come into the country. They see what we all see. But they think differently. In every challenge we see, they see opportunities. And they take advantage, make money and leave us poor,” Mutharika said

Mutharika stated that his job as Head of State is to lead Government in creating opportunities for every Malawian but it is the duty of people to take advantage of the opportunities.

He then mentioned secondary schools and Community Technical Colleges as some of the opportunities his government is creating for the youth.

In his speech, Mutharika appealed to religious leaders to teach the right values of wisdom and make communities see opportunities God has given them.

He said: “Teach them patriotism, integrity and hardwork. Teach them the wisdom of being patriotic to love their communities and love our country.

“Teach them the wisdom of being a people of integrity so that they love one another. Teach them to say no to violence and destruction.”


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