Bushiri’s prophecy come to pass

Prophet Bushiri

The prophecy about the 2019 Malawi elections that landed Prophet Shepherd Bushiri in hot soup has now been fulfilled.

Early this year, on 10 March, Prophet Bushiri had said the aftermath of the elections would be unpleasant and that the opposition would create a state of insecurity.

Bushiri had successfully predicted that President Peter Mutharika would retain power and preside over a minority government but the opposition and activists would challenge the results and protests.

“I am seeing people rushing in the streets. I am seeing protests, people will say they do not agree with the results. So the ruling party will be opposed” Bushiri claims to have said in March.

“There is a flag that people are believing and are having hope on. But when this flag will not make it, there will be trouble in my country” says Bushiri in a clip shared on his official YouTube channel.

Malawi24 could not independently verify the authenticity of the prophecy.

However, when MEC declared President Peter Mutharika a winner, beating both MCP’s Lazarus Chakwera and UTM’s Saulos Chilima, violent protests erupted just as Bushiri claims to have prophesied.

Meanwhile, President Mutharika’s legitimacy is being challenged in the Constitutional Court. The Court is expected to deliver its ruling next month.

Bushiri has, however, not said anything on the outcome of the ruling. Rather, he has urged the three main political parties in the country to prepare their respective supporters, predicting doom.



  1. @ emmanuel–do you know that “it is GOD who appoints and dethrones leaders and kings on this planet”..read Daniel 2v21?Leaders get into power through political processes so there is GOD in politics since HE is a sovereign GOD.Prophets utter what God says eg Daniel vs Belshazzar,a case of the handwriting on the wall–Daniel5v25.

  2. there is no connection between God and devil, politics is of the devil,so who ever takes part in the things of this world has not seen God and he is not from God…..this only shows that whoever is following this man so called prophet,they following the devil……

  3. Instead of fully acknowledging that the prophecy came to pass a reporter will say I can’t confirm the authenticity of the prophecy. It is really sad how the devil uses the media as platform to discredit prophets

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