Vendors in Blantyre worried over poor market sanitation


Vendors at Manase Market in Blantyre have expressed worry over poor sanitation at the market saying the situation poses a health risk for them.

According to the vendors, the poor disposal of waste and failure by the city council to clean the market in time have created a conducive environment for diseases.

During a visit to the market, it was noted that some vendors clean their sections and leave heaps of waste hoping that city council cleaners will take the waste to the market bin.

“In order to have good sanitation, we are taking the city’s responsibility ourselves because once we do not clean and get tired then you can see flies everywhere,” said one of the vendors.

He added that this gives him headache and worries since this is the rainy season which is associated with diseases such as cholera.

Another vendor, Mr William, said people who live near the market also dump their waste in the market bin at night  and council workers always take weeks before removing the bin.

Chairperson of Manase market R. Biziwiki said he has been encouraging the vendors to practice good sanitation.

He added that he is planning to call for another meeting to discuss how best the traders can prevent diseases.