TB Joshua ‘defends’ a witch plotting to kill a pastor’s wife


A woman in Nigeria who had confessed to killing three boys while plotting to terminate the lives of his husband, her children and her pastor’s wife has been defended by Prophet T.B. Joshua.

The woman who identified herself as Keke Better told T.B. Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) congregants that she had confessed to being the witch who had killed young boys at her church through an accident.

“There was a terrible accident that happened in my place. Three people died as a result of this accident. Among the three was a young boy. During his burial, a voice spoke to me to confess to being the one who killed the child”.

She eventually confessed after being confronted by her pastor, Reverend Elvis Osita, who claimed to have seen her perform the magical acts in the spirit realm. Pastor Osita said he saw her in a vision  after 30 days of fasting and prayers.

“After sometime, I confessed before the church that I killed the boys through an accident. I also told him that I was plotting to kill my husband, his children and my pastor’s wife”.

She claimed to have listed some of her accomplice but that she was tired of witchcraft and wanted to quit as the spirit of witchcraft was destroying her life.

Instead of condemning her, TB Joshua said the woman has a background of mental illness that she had inherited from her relatives. He defended her saying she was no witch.

“You have traces of mental disorder that you had inherited from your family. The spirit that is speaking to her is not that of witchcraft. She is not a witch,” said T.B. Joshua.