Rebirth of Football in Malawi: Mwenda launches manifesto


Football Association of Malawi (FAM) Presidential candidate James Mwenda has launched his manifesto which he says will turn around the fortunes of football in the country if he is given mandate to lead.

The presidential hopeful outlined his course of action on Monday at the Bingu International Conference Center where every association affiliated to the FA sent members to attend the function.

Mwenda launching his manifesto

Titled ‘Rebirth of Football in Malawi’, Mwenda in the manifesto has promised major reforms to the game through his plan of action which has four pillars namely visionary leadership; football growth and development; resourcing and financing; and governance and reforms.

In an interview, Mwenda said his administration will bring sanity to the game, adding that his leadership will engage consultative meetings with key stakeholders of the game as part of his reforms to ensure that the game is moving in the right direction.

“My administration will bring good governance and reforms to the game through financial management and accountability. My basis of my leadership will also focus on consultation with the key stakeholders in order to encourage democracy and participation so that we move the game forward.”

“Reforms are indispensable in our current situation. We need to underline that and reforms will make us a credible organization with integrity and that is what is necessary,” said Mwenda.

He also revealed that his administration will lobby for an improved sponsorship package from the corporate world for the Super League competition.

Mwenda added that as part of improving level of competition in the top flight football, his administration will introduce minimum wage for all super league players.

He also promised to secure funding for national league for both the Beach Soccer and Women’s football.

“My administration will also secure funding for national leagues for both the Women’s football and Beach Soccer in order to improve the standards of these games,” he explained.

The Presidential candidate further added that if he is voted into power, he will promote community ownership of teams because he believes that talent is identified and nurtured through district teams.

“If you check our history, we have had greatest football players who were produced by clubs from districts across the country. As such, my leadership will promote community ownership of teams so that we have effective teams capable of producing talent for the betterment of the game,” he continued.

Mwenda also promised all Super League teams that his leadership will provide them with seed money, adding that he will ensure that every Super League club has sponsors.

Mwenda then challenged the affiliates to “do what is right” when they convene for the election on December 14th.

“The underlining theme of my manifesto is the rebirth of Football in Malawi. Do the right thing if you want to see the game moving from the current situation to the level where we can all appreciate and the ball is in your hands,” he concluded.

Mwenda will face his immediate boss, Walter Nyamilandu, who is seeking a 4th term of office.