Tumbuka cultural festival to be held on Saturday


The annual Tumbuka cultural festival known as Mulindafwa or Gonapamuhanya will be held on Saturday.

Kawazamawe (C): no party colours

This comes days after the installation of Mtima Gondwe as Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe.

According to Sub T/A Kawazamawe who is also the Paramount Chikulamayembe’s advisor, all is set for the festival.

“I am happy to announce that the Gonapamuhanya festival is on this Saturday and everything is set for the festival that will take place at Chikulamayembe’s headquarters in Bolero, Rumphi.

“We postponed this event through court injunction because of the wrangles on Chieftainship but now we have a Paramount seated and there are no problems,” he said.

Kawazamawe invited people in the country to go to Bolero and celebrate on this day. He, however, warned political leaders and their followers against wearing party colours at the event.

“Let me take a chance by warning all political leaders not to use the event as a tool to demonstrate by wearing party colours. We strongly advise them, if anyone is found wearing party colours the justice will be applied,” Kawazamawe warned.

During last year’s festival, there were fights between ruling party and opposition party.

Gonapamuhanya is a Tumbuka cultural exhibition festival that happens every year.