NRFA maintains support for Mwenda


With two months to go before the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) goes to the polls to elect new office bearers, Northern Region Football Association (NRFA) says it will still go for James Mwenda.

Speaking to Malawi24 on Tuesday, General Secretary Masiya Nyasulu said his association will maintain its decision to endorse Mwenda for the Presidency on 14th December.

Mwenda: ha been endorsed

“We haven’t changed our mind as NRFA regarding our candidate, we will maintain James Mwenda for the Presidency. We made it clear earlier this year that as an association, we decided to endorse Mwenda and we will maintain this,” he said.

On the reason why NRFA endorsed Mwenda, Nyasulu said his committee was impressed with the decision to introduce football in all the districts across Malawi.

“We haven’t heard or read manifestos from all the candidates but as NRFA, we were impressed with Mwenda’s decision to introduce football in all districts once he is elected as the FA boss, this is what we have been looking for because if you check in every league, teams use players from the districts so this will definitely improve the level of the game in Malawi,” he explained.

Mwenda, who is the current FAM Vice President will likely face his boss, Walter Nyamilandu and Karonga United Chairperson Alupheous Chipanga.

Candidates will start collecting nominations from affiliates from 30th October to 15th November next month.