Raiply sensitises communities on Chikangawa fires


Raiply Malawi has intensified efforts to sensitise communities on the dangers of starting fires in Chikangawa Forest.

Over the weekend, the company organised a football match between Raiply and Mzimba Select where its Chief Executive Officer Krishna Das spoke to community members about the fires.

Inkosi M’mbelwa and Das greeting players

“People burn trees that helps the country in revenue collections and we as Raiply are much worried about the damage.

“We are asking the surrounding community that it’s their duty to protect the forests,” he said.

Speaking at the same function, Inkosi ya Makosi M’mbelwa said it’s sad that people are destroying the Chikangawa Forest that helps a lot of Malawian in terms of work.

“Raiply employs more than 400 Malawians and if we keeping destroying the forest they will be jobless. So let us all join hands to protect the forest,” said Inkosi M’mbelwa.

He also asked people of Mzimba to be proud that a company like Raiply is based in the district.

Inkosi Mpherembe, Inkosi Mzukuzuku, Inkosi Mtwalo and Inkosi Mabulawo also attended the event.

The match between Raiply and Mzimba Select ended 1-1.