Fire damages Low Budget restaurant


Fire has destroyed Low Budget restaurant, a well-known eating place in Mzuzu.

The incident happened in the wee hours of Sunday.

Eyewitness James Kaira who works close to the place said an unattended charcoal burner was forgotten in one of the restaurants next to Low Budget which resulted into the fire.

“A charcoal burner was left on fire when people were knocking off yesterday close to Low Budget that resulted into big fire,” he said.

Low Budget Restaurant

Pacharo Bandawe Makwakwa, owner of the Low Budget restaurant, said it is sad to lose her investment.

“I am sad very sad indeed. As you can see our friend whom we share the place are the ones who left an unattended charcoal burner that caused the fire. It’s a setback but let us give all to God,” said Makwakwa with her eyes full of tears.

The Mzuzu City Council has on several occasions warned property owners to avoid making any projections to their structures which can easily cause accidents.

The accident is likely to affect low income earners who used to patronize the place for meals at a reasonable prices.