Bushiri launches Holy Spirit month

Major 1 Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Do you feel deserted by the Holy Spirit? Are your prayers not being answered? Then worry not for this month Prophet Bushiri ‘will drive’ the Holy Spirit right at your doorstep.

Bushiri, while welcoming members to his Enlighted Christian Congregation (ECG) church to this month of July, said people who will follow his ministry will be “able to sense the Holy Spirit”

“Welcome to the Month of the Holy Spirit. Are you able to sense the Holy Spirit within or around you? Don’t miss any of our services this month to get edified on this” he posted on his Facebook page.

In his remarks, he tells his members to not miss any of the service in order to be edified by the holy spirit.

Bushiri is arguably one of the richest pastors in Africa. The Malawian born televangelist claims to be a self-made billionaire albeit accusations that he has been using church offerings to finance his posh lifestyle.

He even confessed to have bought a private jet using “donations” from his congregants and followers. Nonetheless, the prophet denies charging people fees.

The controversial prophet whose spiritual journey started at Moyale Community Day Secondary School claims to have come from a very worthy family in Malawi and that “church offerings cannot afford his demands”.

Recently Bushiri’s life has been on a hot core. He was charged with money laundering and fraud by the South African government whereas Botswana declared him a security threat.

The drama has not left his ‘spiritual children’. Nicholas Mgiba, a senior pastor at ECG was arrested last month for attempting murder. Bushiri said through his spokesperson that Mgiba had been suspended.