Atupele claims he won 2014 elections


United Democratic Front (UDF) presidential candidate, Atupele Muluzi, stunned people of Ntchisi when he claimed that he won the 2014 presidential elections and that the polls were rigged.

Muluzi made the remarks on 1st May at Ntchisi trading centre during the whistle stop tour.

Muluzi: I won 2014 polls

“In 2014 I won the elections but I chose to let it go because I always preach peace and I made sure to let peace prevail,” he said.

Muluzi further said that this time around no one will be able to rig votes and he will emerge the winner in the forthcoming tripartite elections.

He then dismissed rumours making rounds that he is planning to pull out of the presidential race.

“I already have 1 million votes and those spreading those rumours are just afraid of me because they know that you people love me and you want me to become your leader,” he further said.

Muluzi said as a young man he believes in issue based politics and he will bring in change in the political arena if elected into power.

However, some people who attended the whistle stop could be heard disputing Muluzi’s claims saying that he wouldn’t be in bed with government if his claims were true.

“He should not cheat us, he should just accept that he sold the party to DPP (the ruling Democratic Progressive Party). Why making such allegations now?” wondered Davison Chibuzi.

On her part, Maria Kamwendo said Muluzi should mind his tongue since he has disappointed a lot of supporters by aligning himself with the government.

“It’s unfortunate that he (Atupele) is standing before us and making claims that he won the elections when he is working with the same people he is accusing of rigging the votes,” said Kamwendo.

She further said that his decision to align himself with government has brought confusion that he might partner with DPP even during elections.

“He should not blame other people for the rumours of his withdrawal because it’s his own doing,” said Kamwendo.



  1. Great article. Lateral thinking person . Congratulations MEC stringer (Laura). We still have sane journalists in this country.

  2. We cannot vote for you Atupele.
    You are part and parcel of Petulo-okana Yesu and Saulo-Chigawenga.

    We need Lazaro-

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