MCP aspirant holds one-man debate

A Malawi Congress Party (MCP) aspirant for Karonga North West debated himself as he was the only one out of five aspirants who showed up for a debate NICE Trust organized.

In his remarks, the MCP aspirant Daniel Chitonya Mwanyongo hailed NICE for affording him the opportunity to sell his manifesto to the people who came.

Mwanyongo: Disappointed

He however expressed disappointment that his rivals failed to turn up for the debates.

“It is sad that my fellow aspirants disregarded the debates. I came because I was called by the people who I want to work for hence I’m delighted with the chance that they gave me to explain my development agenda for the constituency when I get voted in as a Member of Parliament,” he articulated.

Speaking in an interview, district Civic education officer for Karonga Christabel Munthali said despite having only one aspirant who turned up to the debate they were satisfied that they achieved their objective of having given people the chance to hear out the one aspirant’s manifesto.

“It is unfortunate that shadow MPs are choosing to shun the debates because we believe the debates are an important platform for aspirants to explain to their voters their plans when voted into power thus their absence is denying voters a chance to hear them out,” she said.

According to Munthali, not all people attend campaign rallies hence debates are an important platform as they bring the candidates closer to the people and their voters.