Only UDF can transform Malawi – Mwenifumbo

United Democratic Front (UDF) running mate Frank Tumpale Mwenifumbo says it is only the UDF that can transform Malawi as the other parties have nothing good to offer.

Speaking during the campaign rally UDF staged at Nkukula Primary School in Dowa district, Mwenifumbo indicated that it is only United Democratic Front that knows how to govern this country.

Mwenifumbo speaking during the rally

Making remarks on the current administration, the UDF running mate said the current Democratic Progressive Party government has failed to develop Malawi.

According to Mwenifumbo, too much tax has also become a burden on rural communities while being an advantage to the big shots in government.

On this, Mwenifumbo revealed that when UDF steps into government again it will remove tax on electricity and water and reduce taxes on some imported items.

In a bid to bring victory in pockets of ordinary people, Mwenifumbo mentioned that minimum wage which is at 35,000 kwacha will be increased to 70 thousand kwacha.

“When UDF was in government money was not an issue to people because things were good. It is now worrisome to see that people have no money, life is no longer enjoyable to ordinary people and the reason is government has set up a lot of traps and such traps hide in taxpaying process,” Mwenifumbo said.

Mwenifumbo further appealed to people to pose swift questions on where other parties are getting resources they use during their rallies arguing that parties have made a lot of pledges to people funding them which will definitely affect government if such parties get power.

On agriculture, Mwenifumbo said UDF will order companies that buy tobacco to stop contracting farmers to grow the crop saying the buyer exploit local farmers.

According to the UDF running mate, such companies should be restricted to buying only and not practicing both growing and buying.

Taking the floor before Mwenifumbo, Director of Elections in UDF Clement Stambuli said the current administration has divided Malawians as partisanship has been its priority.

Sitambuli further knocked down the notion that some parties have strongholds claiming that UDF is a Malawian entity and is hopeful that it will get more votes in all regions of this country.

“Development distribution has been an issue since only a specific regions scoops more development projects while leaving out the rest. This has perpetuated divisions in the country and let us be quick to sort this thing promptly and the only party that can do so is UDF and not any other party in the country,” Sitambuli explained.

Some of the notable people who joined Mwenifumbo in wooing people to vote for UDF included Secretary General for AFORD Edward Ritchie and shadow MP standing on UDF ticket for Dowa South east Mr Kasiya.