Shocker: TB Joshua catches three ‘snakes’ in church


…’They call the snake mama, they don’t kill it’

Prophet T.B. Joshua shocked his congregants when he caught three ‘snakes’ that were tormenting members of his Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) congregants.

The televangelist made his ‘catch’ soon after praying for a man haunted by suicidal spirits.

According to T.B. Joshua’s Emmanuel TV, the man’s violent reaction to Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prayers “triggered a spontaneous manifestation of ‘snakes’ throughout The SCOAN auditorium”.

“They call it mother, if the snake is passing near my place. They call the snake mama, when it is near me. They don’t kill it” said the man, before being prayer for.

No sooner had he made the confession and than another congregant jumped in with a peculiar noise. She was followed by another lady who the prophet claimed were possessed.

“They are three [snakes’ here. There is another [second snake], putting on blue” says the prophet, commanding the second lady possessed with the spirit of the snake to come forward for her delivery.

The last ‘snake’ that T.B. Joshua commanded forward for prayers was a man.

The man who triggered other ‘snakes’ is reportedly a medical doctor by profession.

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