CNN irks Malawians, describes Lake Malawi as crocodile infested


…activists demand apology…

American media house, CNN, has angered Malawians after publishing an article describing Lake Malawi as crocodile infested and full of mosquitoes.

The broadcaster through its reporter Lauren Kent on Thursday published a story of South African swimmer, Martin Hobbs aged 45, who swam in Lake Malawi for 54 days to set two world records and raise money for the Smile Foundation.

Hobbs on Lake Malawi

The reporter said the swimmer wanted to quit at some time claiming he was terrified of the crocodiles which he reported are on the lake.

“Lake Malawi spans the entire coast of the eastern African nation, and is known for being home to deadly crocodiles, hippos and mosquitoes,” CNN reported.

The story has not gone well with many Malawians who have read it and people says the article has the potential to tarnish lake Malawi’s good reputation.

One of Malawi’s social and political commentator Onjezani Kenani has said that the article needs to be retracted and CNN should as well apologize.

“This is fake news, there are no crocodiles in Lake Malawi and you must apologize. Just because it is an African lake you couldn’t resist being racist and decided to brand it as ‘crocodile-infested’. You must retract this article and apologise to Malawians,” Kenani said in a tweet to CNN.

He also asked the government through the Ministry of Tourism to immediately act on the matter and formally demand an apology.


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