Fedoma asks communities to protect people with disabilities


Federation Disability Organisation in Malawi (FEDOMA) has asked communities where people with disabilities live to know and prepare for the risks that can harm people with disabilities particularly during disasters.

Speaking during Annual General Meeting for Association Environmental Journalists (EAJ) in Blantyre, Head of Programs for FEDOMA Symon Munde said communities should always keep in mind that people with disabilities are prone to risks whenever disaster strikes and asked for protection during the time.

Munde: made the call

Munde added that members of communities and different stakeholders are supposed to make sure that people with disabilities such as those who are visionary impaired should know their surrounding and the evacuations.

“Family members should put different measures that can mitigate the problem when it occurs, we are therefore working hand in hand with department disaster management affairs and even with district officers as well as conducting inclusion participation with other stakeholders,” he explained.

AEJ conducted 5th Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Media awards on Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs) in Blantyre from Thursday to Saturday under the theme “Greening the Media for a Resilient Malawi.”

During the activities, media practitioners were trained on environmental issues such as mines, electricity, water, crops and trees.

During the night of Friday, AEJ presented awards to journalists who reported environmental based stories very impressively.

Journalists during the awards

The winners included James Chavula from Nation Publications Limited, two journalists from Chanco Media House, Alick Ponje from Times Media Group and Emmanuel Thuwala from Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) among others.

On Saturday, the media team conducted a big walk From Kamuzu upper Stadium to Victoria Hotel in Blantyre on Saturday on Sustainable Developmental Goals as a way of raising awareness about the environment.