Kunkuyu takes on Malawi Housing Corporation over land

Moses Kunkuyu

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) campaign Moses Kunkuyu has given the Malawi Housing Corporation (MHC) seven days to stop claiming ownership of a piece of land in his constituency.

Kunkuyu who spoke to this publication after his rally at Kampala in Blantyre on Sunday said MHC should address the issue of a piece of land in Manase where he wants to continue with the construction of a clinic after winning May 21 polls.

Kunkuyu speaking during the rally

The Malawi Housing Corporation is barring the community to continue with the construction of Manase clinic at a certain piece of land claiming they own the land and no one can use it other than them.

Further reports indicate that MHC is demanding money amounting to K18 million to be paid by people from the area if they want to use the piece of land.

However, Kunkuyu said the piece of land which MHC is asking for K18 million belongs to people of Manase.

He said it is now shameful that MHC is asking for money on the same piece which they already surrendered to the community for construction of a clinic and Admarc in 2009.

“The piece of land was granted to us and we built the Admarc and there were no issues with MHC. The land adjacent to that we identified it for the construction of a clinic, we moulded bricks and we started the process up to window level and it has been there for the past five years.

“Now we hear that MHC is claiming the land that they want to be paid around K18 million. I together with the chiefs we are giving them 7 days to reconsider their position because they allowed us to mould bricks and start the process up to window level. Where were them all this long?” wondered Kunkuyu.

He further wondered as to why the corporation is claiming the land now and thinks that the matter is politically motivated.